Burberry partners with Marcus Rashford to develop youth literacy skills

Burberry has teamed up with footballer Marcus Rashford MBE to help young people develop their reading and writing skills.

Burberry will also partner with the National Literacy Trust, to provide elementary school libraries with the supplies they need to provide young people with additional resources. The brand will also continue to donate to literacy programs around the world.

Through this initiative, Burberry has announced its intention to fund the transformation of 10 school libraries, in Manchester, Yorkshire and London. Having a positive impact on more than 3,500 children, this initiative is a continuation of Burberry’s partnership with Rashford in 2020 which aimed to provide funding to youth centers across the UK.

The 10 schools will also participate in the Marcus Rashford Book Club and receive a donation of 8,000 books organized by the National Literacy Trust. The books are provided by MacMillan’s Children’s Books, with PanMacmillan partnering with Rashford to create the book club.

Training will also be provided to over 200 teachers across the UK by the National Literacy Trust, with access to its resources also provided.

In the United States, Burberry will continue its partnership with Wide Rainbow, a free after-school program that aims to provide young people in low-income neighborhoods with access to the arts.

“It is impossible to overstate the powers of the arts, education and literacy for our underfunded communities, and it is with great gratitude to Burberry for this continued collaboration alongside its mission to provide libraries. extraordinary and thousands of books for our young people here in New York and beyond, ”said Ashley Gail Harris, Founder and Executive Director of Wide Rainbow.

Through their collaboration, Burberry and Wide Rainbow aim to create 15 libraries across New York City, and three other larger libraries in Los Angeles, Detroit and New York. Each will receive 100 children’s books.

In Asia, Burberry will donate to Bring Me A Book Hong Kong and the Japan Library Association. Funding from Bring Me A Book Hong Kong will send 500 books to youth centers and organize storytelling workshops for the organization’s volunteers. The Japan Library Association will receive support to help increase book donations to school libraries across the country.

Burberry continues to honor its founder Thomas Burberry, who is also deeply committed to opening up creative spaces for all. Burberry has also continued to fund students through creative arts scholarships, and its Burberry Inspire program aims to provide arts and cultural education to young people.

“We have identified a real need here,” said Rashford. “Far too many children currently do not have access to books, usually due to financial constraints, and there was a need to inspire them and enable them to see beyond the challenges they face on a daily basis. These kids more than most need a getaway from reading, and access to books shouldn’t be limited by where you grow up.

Dwight E. Schulz