New benefit helps working parents improve their children’s literacy skills

Hoot Reading, an educational technology startup company, has launched a new business advantage that offers working parents with online literacy classes for kids from kindergarten to sixth grade.

The program gives employers the opportunity to prioritize the needs of employees and their families through free or subsidized access to the Hoot Reading online tutoring service. Parents who enroll their children for the Hoot for Companies benefit will have access to a virtual classroom where they connect with teachers who specialize in development early childhood literacy skills through 20 minute one-on-one lessons.

Children across the United States have suffered significant learning loss since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that forced teachers and students to leave the classroom and enter a virtual educational environment. Students had suffered a cumulative learning loss of five to nine months by the end of the 2020 school year, according to McKinsey research. In addition, 75% of students who do not overcome reading difficulties in third grade never catch up afterwards, according to a study by the University of Alberta.

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“Parents are often shocked to learn that more than two-thirds of children read below grade level in fourth grade, making them unable to switch from learning to read to reading to learning,” says Carly Schuler, co-founder and CEO of Hoot. Reading. “With this benefit, parents have access to the Hoot Reading Program, but what parents actually receive is a very flexible program where classes can be pre-scheduled two to five times a week, or they can be taken at home. asks if this fits better with the working parent’s schedule.

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Hoot Reading’s first business partner is technology services company Accenture, whose North American-based working parents now have access to this benefit.

“At Accenture, our working parents told us that in order to be successful, both professionally and personally, they needed academic support for their children to complement virtual education upon their return to the classroom,” said Chris. Klunk, Accenture’s director of human resources for North America. . “Hoot for Companies is easy for families to access, helps working parents take the stress out of their many responsibilities, and most importantly, it provides children with personalized attention with a certified teacher who can help them improve their skills. skills in a fun and engaging way. . “

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Hoot Reading hopes more employers embrace this benefit as they continue to grow their teacher base. Currently, Hoot has 250 teachers on board and is adding more educators at a rate of 50 teachers per week as the company expects significant demand in the fall.

“If, as an employer, you are serious about creating a fair and diverse workforce, then it’s important to consider the unique needs of working parents,” says Schuler. “With working parents – and mothers in particular – Leaving the workforce at a faster rate than ever before, unique perks like this are a huge lever in recruiting and retaining working parents.

Dwight E. Schulz