The Incredible Adventures of Jaxson is a book that improves the literacy skills of African American children because it creates space for educational diversity

The book expands the collection of material available on African-American representation in children’s books

Reading remains one of the most essential and basic skills children are expected to learn. A good number of teachers, literacy experts, experienced parents, and education professionals have on different platforms outlined proven best practices for instilling reading skills at an early age. Some of these practices include; talking to your children from an early age in a clear voice, reading to the child as it shows the importance of books and quickly developing their vocabulary, as well as asking questions while they are at it.

While parents may be motivated by the best practices required to improve literacy skills, they may be a little disappointed with the limited variety of books available for young children. This was the case of Jaxson’s mother, an African-American, who recounted her difficulty in finding the right book for her child; “When Jaxson was born I went on a book hunt. There was a small collection of books with little brown boys but I wanted my son to read books with pictures that looked like him.

This desire prompted Jaxson’s mother to create Jaxson’s Incredible Adventures, which is a series of books, flash cards and learning materials focused on children’s learning and adventure. The exciting launch of the book series is set to take place on the 6thand May 2022. The creative books, coloring books, and flash cards were developed for African American children and adults to engage in an enriching learning experience.

The production and availability of books that promote inclusiveness and diversity have significant positive influences on children. These books validate the existence of the child as they can see themselves in a book, thus serving as a form of self-affirmation. Additionally, the unique qualities of the child’s brown skin and Afro-textured hair are appreciated and praised, boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

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